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Sequoia Soil's bulk materials have all been developed to meet the demands of farmers throughout Humboldt and Mendocino Counties and Northrn California.  Our mission is simple: Deliver farmers high quality bulk soil delivery in Northern California that are CLEAN, TESTED, and PROVEN!  We are passionate about offering alternatives to plastic wrapped compost and soils. 


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Learn about our custom blend of the best bulk Organic Soil in Humboldt, Mendocino and Lake Counties.


How We Make It

From our bulk organic potting soil to bulk compost, see how we make our custom blends.


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Soils developed to meet the demands of farmers throughout Humboldt and Mendocino Counties.

Our evolution as a bulk organic soil and materials company has been ongoing for over 15 years. We have stood side by side with cultivators in Southern Humboldt County as our industry emerged from the shadows and onto the world stage. Consumers associate Northern California with the finest harvests because of the dedication and skills of farmers in this region.

– Kevin and Kristy Murphy


Whether it's a yard of compost for your front yard or a 1000 yards of premium potting soil for your expansion we are here for you!

"Local, high quality, and reliable"

Dylan Mattole, Mattole Valley Sungrown Humboldt County, CA

"As a licensed farm, who’s growing organically, it’s important for me to know where all inputs come from. Sequoia has taken the time to go through all their amendments and verify they come from the most sustainable sources available. I choose Sequoia bulk soil because it’s local, high quality, and reliable. I’ve done multiple side by side tests and found sequoia to be a superior product at a price that beats bagged soil."

"A scientific approach...that surpasses that of other soil blenders we have worked with"

Soilscape Solutions

"A scientific approach that includes rigorous R & D analysis and trialing products prior to market release is refreshing to see in the potting soil market. Sequoia Soil’s drive to understand soil science and address nutritional variances in his bulk inputs surpasses that of other soil blenders we have worked with in the past."

"There's no better than Sequoia Soil"

Esoteric Farmer

"You're only as good as your soil and there's no better than Sequoia Soil. We have counted on Sequoia Soils material for 3 years. Kevin and his team are knowledgeable, reliable, and we are so happy to continue working with them"