About Us


In 2005 we started our journey as a bulk materials company when we bought Hohstads Garden Center.

Known as a local shop for compost, soils, and supplies, Hohstadts was started by Pat and Steve Hohstdat in the early 90’s.  Their faith in us to carry on the tradition they started allowed for us to carve our own path while remaining true to what Hohstadts was all about.  It was more than just a place to buy soils.  Hohstadts was a meeting place; a place to come and problem solve or just hang out; a place vent on the frustrations of rural life and cultivating and celebrating the success that often come as well.  We realized how important the relationship was between farm and supplier.  We were partners with our customers and they relied on us.  

As the industry emerged we continued to grow and adapt to better meet all our customers needs.  This growth led to the birth of Sequoia Soil in 2017.  While we are a commercial soil company we have kept the same values we have always had.  We are passionate about the mission of bulk materials and giving farms an option from the waste of buying bagged soils and composts. We aim to be the best place to buy  bulk organic soil in Humboldt County, Mendocino County, and Lake County.