Is Topsoil Good for A Garden? Premium Soil Mixes and Garden Soil.

The difference between topsoil and garden soil is practically nonexistent – namely, topsoil is the base of garden soil. Simply add compost and fertilizer to topsoil to get garden soil. If you’re planning on planting a vegetable garden, here are some things you should know about topsoil – is it good for your garden? Read on to find out.

Topsoil is good for your garden because it is the base of any garden soil you find in stores. In fact, the existing soil in your garden contains topsoil – topsoil is the surface layer of soil making up the first 3-10 inches of Earth’s surface. Topsoil is the top layer of soil, and it’s rich in nutrients because of the organic matter it’s blended with. Just a few inches of topsoil added into the ground can revitalize plants, gardens, and lawns. Your lawn or garden is deserving of the best topsoil and at Sequoia Soil Company we offer Premium Soil Mixes for all uses.

Premium Soil Mixes and Topsoil By Sequoia Soil Company

Garden soil, like topsoil, also makes use of organic matter to do its job. Premium topsoil, however, is garden soil. Mixed with moss and peat, compost-amended topsoil is the literal equivalent of garden soil for your lawn. Our premium topsoil is sold for gardens and vegetable gardens in need of a vitality boost. If you’re planning on planting a vegetable garden, a good quality topsoil will often contain clay or composted material meant to give it the same edge as garden soil.

Our premium topsoil does just that. Because it is already enriched with compost and other plant nutrients, it’s good for a vegetable garden. Good quality topsoil can be found at your local garden center, but if you’re looking for our premium topsoil, you’ll have to work with Sequoia Soil. Reach out today if you’re looking for the best Premium Soil Mixes around.