Soil Blends

Sequoia Soil Company offers bulk soil delivery In Humboldt County, Mendocino County and Northern California for all of our Custom Soil Blends.

We are a family-run business that has grown from the roots of Southern Humboldt County. Sequoia Soil is dedicated to delivering locally sourced material that is rigorously tested and carefully crafted for your needs.  Find out more about any our blends below or call us today and we can help your decide what blend is right for you!


Sequoia Complete

The Sequoia Complete is the result of 15 years of research and development with farmers in Humboldt County and industry leaders in soil science. It's customized nutrient pack is highly refined to meet all of your planting needs


Base Mix

The Sequoia Base is all organic medium that provides an ideal base for farms using their own amendment package or complete feed program. It is an ideal cost effective option for farms not needing the fully amended Sequoia Complete.


Ligna Mix

The Ligna Mix is here for your babies!  It is a low nutrient mix that is light on compost which creates a perfect fluffy texture for young plants and cuttings.  The Ligna Mix is also suitable for tilling into existing soil to loosen and revitalize.  


Sequoia Compost

Aged and thoroughly screened, our compost is a blend of forestry products and green waste recycling. Our composting process is designed to assure the material is free of pathogens and is safe to be used on your farm.


Amend Mix

This unique material is a blend of our Ligna Peat (aged redwood bark) and a premium static compost.  It is designed for soil building projects and can be added when starting hugel beds, added to existing soils, or any application needing organic humus.


Body Builder

We have sourced a premium static compost from the forests of North America that is teeming with beneficial bacteria and fungi. This forest compost is blended with Ligna Peat that will breath new life into your garden beds