What Is Topsoil Good For? Quality Soil Breeds Quality Plants.

Topsoil is the top layer of soil, literally. Topsoil is formed by the upper 3-10 inches of Earth’s surface. Aside from that, good quality topsoil is much richer in plant nutrients than the layers of subsoil it resides upon. Topsoil is formed when large rocks are broken down and organic matter begins to blend with their remnants. The process of topsoil creation is so slow that one inch of topsoil may take 100 years to form naturally. At Sequoia Soil Company we are proud to offer the best Quality Soil Mixes for Northern California and bulk soil delivery in Lake County, Mendocino County and Humboldt County.

Good quality topsoil breeds quality plants. It’s as simple as that. Good quality topsoil contains a rich mixture of plant nutrients necessary to maintain your plants’ overall health. It will oftentimes appear darker than subsoil beneath it because topsoil is chock-full of nutrients. Good quality topsoil also retains water in order to promote healthy plant growth. Using our good quality topsoil will ensure that your lawn or garden remains healthy!

Landscapers can make use of our bagged topsoil and compost in order to give new plants a fresh start at growth by improving the quality of the existing topsoil. For those looking to garden, farm, or grow plants, having good quality topsoil is essential for maintaining adequately healthy crops.

The type of topsoil you purchase will be dependent on the kind of work you’re doing. Compacted, less nutrient-dense topsoil may prevent erosion and provide the foundation for your lawn, while amended topsoil can be used to directly nurture your plants. However, no matter what kind of topsoil you purchase from our company, you can be assured that we’ll take every step to ensure your satisfaction.

If you’re looking for quality soil in California, give us a call or reach out via email today!