Where to Buy Topsoil: Buying Topsoil in Bulk

Are you struggling with soil questions like where to buy topsoil or how to distinguish good topsoil from lower quality products? Buying a quality blend of topsoil is a struggle that even experienced gardeners face – buying topsoil in bulk can be even more challenging!

At Sequoia Soil Company We’d like to give you our insights about where and how to buy topsoil in bulk. Continue reading for the answers to all of your topsoil questions!

Not Just Soil: Premium, Organic, or Screened Topsoil?

Before deciding to buy topsoil in bulk, you will need to determine which topsoil products will best fit your needs.

  • When sticks, rocks, and other debris have been removed from a soil blend, it is called screened topsoil.
  • Organic topsoil is composed of living or previously living materials; it is a good topsoil choice when your plants require high levels of nutrients. Organic soil isn’t necessarily better than nonorganic soil; it is just different.
  • Premium topsoil is usually screened topsoil. Additionally, it is free of contaminants, pesticides, and offers high nutrition value. Premium soil does not have to be organic but will usually include compost, be locally sourced, dark in color, and earthy in scent.

While all of these options make good topsoil, the type of soil you’ll need will depend on your project. Quality topsoil can be expensive so it’s best to use it for gardening efforts – not filling holes in your yard.

Buying Topsoil in Bulk

Whether you’re looking for a quality soil or something to fill in your yard, buying topsoil in bulk will save you money. To determine the amount of soil to buy, measure the dimensions of your garden (or yard) and multiply it by the desired inches of topsoil.

Many soil companies do not give you the option to have your topsoil delivered. If you happen to have the strength to load and unload bulk topsoil, as well as a vehicle to haul it, this isn’t a huge problem.

Unfortunately, these problems can stop people from choosing this money-saving option. It’s also the same reason that most gardeners eventually buy their topsoil in bulk from distributors who deliver and should be a deciding factor when choosing to make bulk purchases.

Finding Quality Topsoil in Your Area

When deciding where to buy topsoil, you’ll want to deal with a company that offers the best quality soil, sources it locally, and can answer any questions you may have about their product’s composition.

If you are a homeowner looking for topsoil, we gladly help you choose the best option for your purposes. If you happen to be an avid gardener, our premium topsoil could be the missing piece of your garden puzzle.

Regardless of the kind of dirt, compost, or planting material you need, we have several options to choose from. Not only that, but we can help take the guesswork out of buying topsoil in bulk and offer the added benefit of delivery!

To make a purchase, simply give us a call to place an order! We look forward to hearing from you!